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Attend a Champagne Tasting

Many people have gone to wine tastings, but champagne tastings can be just as much fun to attend. Like wine, champagne is an acquired taste—though many people who don’t enjoy wine do like champagne, depending on its kind, due to its sweetness and bubbliciousness.

To find a champagne tasting near you, just look up your favorite wine and spirits provider. See if they have any in-store events you can attend. Various wineries will surely have champagne tastings as well; just search for the nearest winery in your area and see if you need to schedule a tasting.

The beauty of a winery tasting is that you often don’t have to pay much, if anything, and you can also get cheap tours, making the outing a perfect cheap date. If you do end up drinking more than you had intended, however, it’s always a good idea to book a room at the winery so you don’t drive home that night.