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Breville Wine Chiller - $15.98 (Including Shipping)

Do you ever wish there was a way to cool that wine bottle down super fast? You know those times when you had a really bad day, because nothing is going right, and all you want to do is suck back a few bottles of cold wine? I know, if your like me, you have probably looked at a fancy wine coolers before only to get angry at the inflated price. I suppose if you are like me you also regret fist fighting the snooty shopping assistant at Williams-Sonoma®, too. Well - we are in luck and can have it all now (not just Cirrhosis of the Liver) - an inexpensive, modern, wine chiller and thanks to the fine folks at NewEgg - we can both get one for only $15.98 (plus tax where applicable).

If your confused by the price on the product page let me explain how the deal works - you need a coupon. The one you can use today is EMCYWNT57 (which expires 9/01/10) which will take off $15 dollars from the price listed. This coupon code can of course be used even though there is already an instant discount of $40.00 - which is what makes this deal that much better. Shipping for this item is $.99 and when included the total price will be $15.98. That is a steal!

You can use this wine chiller with an AC adapter or batteries - and it is portable either way - you can take it where you need it: the office, divorce court, a sleazy motel, Tijuana Donkey Show - you name it! Best of all - when you arrive to your destination the wine won't be the only cool thing there.

Some of you may be thinking - "oh I could just ice down my wine in a bowl" - but that could take precious hours away from being wasted - I mean "slightly buzzed". If you need to cool that wine down fast - this one works in 7 minutes. That is so fast - honestly! It is barely enough time to find something good to watch on Netflix while you enjoy your chilled adult beverage.

This little gadget will also help you out when you have an impromptu summer BBQ and need to chill several bottles - you can just put one in, wait 7 minutes, take it out, and repeat. This wine chiller would also make a great gift idea for that wino you are so fond of (some might call this person "Grandma") - or anyone you know that is fond of the drink.